Monday, June 21, 2010

I can transform you

You don't know how many times Chris Brown's song went through my head while making this cake...

Looking at it now I still get that song stuck in my head, sigh.

In my last post, I noted I took a break from baking and discovered break equals a lazy baker! When it came time to come up with a cake for my beloved nephew's 4th birthday, I was lost! After eating grandma's birthday cake, he had requested his cake be exactly the same, flowers and all. Yeah, that would go over as well as...well, you know. It should also be noted that we knew it had to have strawberry filling because anytime my sweet nephew is play-baking, he makes strawberry cake, strawberry pie, strawberry cookies...cookies? Now that I would like to taste! Why have I never seen/heard of a strawberry cookie before?!!

My sister said he had recently started watching old Transformers cartoons and requested his cake be modeled after that. The first idea was to make a 3D replica of Optimus Prime's head but after taking a look at the detail on his guard, I decided I would kill myself trying to make something with so much detail.

So after some discussion with my sister and searching the web a bit, we came up with this concept (thanks largely to someone else's awesome cake).

Half Autobot, half Decepicon with flames! It turned out way cooler than I though it would. It also took way longer than it should have. A little slow getting back into the swing of things, aye CiCi?

Anyway, after the 100th ball had been rolled for the border and the cake was finished, I sat down on my couch to relax and watch some TV. Guess what movie was on. Oh yeah, Transformers. It's one of those ironic moments that puts a smile on your face :D

Happy birthday big boy! Aunt CiCi loves you lots!

Josh's 4th Birthday Cake: Vanilla buttermilk cake with strawberry filling and vanilla buttercream frosting, covered in marshmallow fondant.

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